Research papers included in the Library are selected by Dr. Ron Prior, Ph.D, with support from the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council and the Wild Blueberry Association of North America.

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Category # Citations Author Annotated
Absorption    (html) (html)
Aging   (html) (html)
Antibacterial   (html) (html)
Antioxidant   (html) (html)
Bone   (html)  (html)
Brain   (html) (html)
Cancer   (html) (html)
Cardiovascular   (html) (html)
Clinical Trials   (html) (html)
Diabetes   (html) (html)
Exercise   (html) (html)
Eye   (html) (html)
Gut   (html) (html)
Immune System   (html) (html)
Inflammation   (html) (html)
Liver   (html) (html)
Mammary   (html) (html)
Metabolic Syndrome   (html) (html)
Miscellaneous   (html) (html)
Obesity   (html) (html)
Phytochemicals   (html) (html)
Plant Components   (html) (html)
Processing   (html) (html)
Recent Research   (html) (html)
Reviews   (html) (html)
Skin   (html) (html)
Urinary Tract   (html) (html)