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Where to Find Blueberry Home Preservation and Storage Tips

From the University of Georgia comes the National Center For Home Food Preservation.  You will find step-by-step preservation instructions and tips -- a great way to take advantage of  the year's bountiful blueberry season.


Freezing Blueberries


Blueberry Pie Filling http://www.uga.edu/nchfp/how/can_02/can_pie/blueberry_filling.html

Blueberry Jam


Canning Whole Blueberries


Berry Syrup


Fruit Leather


and http://www.uga.edu/nchfp/how/dry/csu_leathers_jerkies.pdf 

Drying Fruits


and http://www.uga.edu/nchfp/publications/uga/uga_dry_fruit.pdf

Safe Home Food Storage


and http://www.uga.edu/nchfp/how/store/ksu_refrig_freeze.pdf



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Looking for old-time blueberry recipes...  

Michigan State University has a digital on-line collection of American cookbooks from the late 18th to early 20th century. It's free... The collection is a treasure trove of American food and culture with recipes for blueberry compote, steamed blueberry pudding, blueberry pie, blueberry muffins and blueberry preserves.  The collection contains the Old Fannie Farmer (1896),  Miss Parloa's New Cookbook (1882), and the Good Housekeeper by Sarah Josepha Hale (1839). 


...and more blueberry recipes! 

The website justberryrecipes.com has a listing of 289 blueberry recipes.  Some interesting titles: Blueberry Boy Bait (a blueberry streusel cake), Blueberry Catsup (step aside tomatoes, here comes a blueberry catsup concept!), Blueberry Flummery (serve chilled with thick cream and a twist of fresh lemon peel), and Once Upon a Time Blueberry Lavender Crisp (blueberry fruit crisp with real lavender flowers). 


Blueberry Lovers are Here, There and Everywhere!

Juicy blueberry recipes abound.  Media from across the country and around the world report on the goodness of blueberries in food columns and  feature blueberries on the air.  Following are samples of creative ways with blueberries.


Caprese Salad with Blueberry Croutons and Alain Ducasse's Gratin of Blueberries with Vanilla,  Sunday New York Times story, "Black and Blue," by Jonathan Reynolds.  8/22/04


 Blueberry Scones, Town Times (Middlefield, CT).   Stoneyfield Farms scone recipe replaces the heavy cream used in scones with low fat yogurt and a dash of baking soda and baking powder.  The recipe calls for both whole wheat and white flour.  8/19/04


Blueberry Pudding, Sun-Sentinel in South Florida.  Brown sugar, butter, flour, egg, milk, vanilla and lemon zest are combined and poured over blueberries, then baked.  8/12/04


Blueberry Upside Down Cake, The Billings Gazette (Billings, MT).  Uses yellow cake mix and canned blueberry pie filling.  The pie filling is placed in a prepared 13-inch pan and then a mixture of butter, cream cheese, coconut and walnuts is sprinkled over the filling.  Prepared yellow cake batter goes on top and the cake is baked.  While warm, invert onto a serving platter.  See the article in billingsgazette.com, "Just ask Joyce:  Blueberry tops simple upside-down cake." 8/11/04


Chicken Breasts with Blueberry Sauce, The Baxter Bulletin, Gannett News Service, 7/28/04.   In this "easy skillet" recipe, the chicken is cooked in a little olive oil with sliced mushrooms, chopped shallots, salt and pepper to taste.  Marsala wine (or dry sherry), chicken broth, and a hint of tomato paste are added. The blueberries are tossed in at the end just before serving.  Either fresh or frozen blueberries may be used.


Lemony Blueberry Cheese Tart, AP Story, Winston Salem Journal 7/21/04. 

A taste of summer blueberry recipe from the US Highbush Blueberry Council.


Blueberry Lemon Cream Cheese Pound Cake, WCPO.com, 7/16/04    Lemon cake mix and instant pudding make this a quick put together with fresh blueberries.


Blueberry Streusel Bundt Coffee Cake, WCPO.com (Cincinnati, OH), 7/16/04   Brown sugar, cinnamon, pecan streusel is sprinkled over a rich sour cream cake studded with fresh blueberries.


Grilled Chicken with Blueberry Onion Relish, Kansas City InfoZine, 7/15/04   Onions, salt, pepper, sherry, vinegar, blueberries (fresh or frozen) and chopped cherry tomatoes are in this scrumptious relish served with grilled chicken.


Grilled Chicken with Blueberry Marinade and Barbecue Sauce, 9news.com, 7/14/04  The marinade for grilled chicken contains a blueberry-balsamic blend sweetened with honey and flavored with ketchup, ginger and garlic. 


Blueberry-Lemon Squares, Mail Tribune (Jackson County, OR), 7/7/04   Fresh blueberries, fresh lemon juice and zest flavor these luscious cookie bars.


Blueberry Ice Cream Sandwiches, Mail Tribune (Jackson County, OR), 7/7/04.   Combine blueberries with vanilla ice cream and place between cookie wafers.


Blueberries Jubilee, Mail Tribune (Jackson County, OR), 7/7/04 

Flambe blueberries with sugar, lemon juice and a touch of water.  Serve over vanilla ice cream.  Very dramatic!


Native Blueberry and Cinnamon Sugar Crisp, NBC 30, by Chef Jamie Roraback, 7/9/04.  Recipe makes six golden brown, individual blueberry crisps.


Blueberry Boy Bait, Metro West Daily News (Framingham, MA), 7/7/04, by Lee Ann Price.  Catch of the Day: Streusel-topped Blueberry Cake.


White Chocolate Cheesecake with Blueberry Caramel Sauce, The Oregonian, 7/6/04.  "Cheesecake and white chocolate -- the flavor is worth the extra calories. Although a seemingly odd pairing, the slight acidity of the blueberries adds the necessary balance to the almost overly sweet caramel sauce. Underneath it all is a dreamy cheesecake." (As told in The Oregonian)


Peach-Blueberry Cobbler, WBNS TV10 (Central Ohio), Recipe from: Carolyn Claycomb CEC, Columbus State Culinary Academy (www.cscc.edu/docs/cul), 7/5/04.  Fresh blueberries and fresh peaches are baked in a butter-rich batter.


Mr. Food's Blueberry Cream Pie, NewsNet5.com.  Here is a no-bake pie idea.  Fresh blueberries are engulfed in a milk combo of condensed milk, heavy milk and whipped cream flavored with a touch of fresh lemon juice. 


Petsi's Blueberry Pie, The Boston Globe, 6/30/04 (Includes step-by-step instructions and photos on the www.boston.com website.)

The blueberry filling is packed with fresh blueberries, sweetened with brown sugar, and seasoned with a grating of nutmeg, fresh lemon juice and zest.


Lemony Blueberry Cheese Tart, Daily News Tribune, 6/30/04

Blueberry recipe created for AP by the U.S. Highbush Blueberry Council.





Tasty and easy-to-do idea from a blueberry fan...

Eric Nelson (11/12/03):


"My favorite way to enjoy blueberries is to rinse them, let them drain well. Put on a baking sheet and freeze. Place frozen berries in a freezer bag. When I am ready for my special treat and take one cup of frozen berries and put in a cup. I pour 1/4-1/3 cup of half and half over the berries. The berries freeze the cream and it is like having soft serve ice cream with fresh blueberries in it. Enjoy! "


Blueberry Selection and Storage


Fresh Blueberries

Look for: fresh blueberries that are firm, dry, plump, smooth-skinned and relatively free from leaves and stems.  Size is not an indicator of maturity, but color is—berries should be deep-purple blue to blue-black; reddish berries aren't ripe but may be used in cooking.
Stay away from: containers of berries with juice stains which may be a sign that the berries are crushed and possibly moldy; soft, watery fruit that means the berries are overripe; dehydrated, wrinkled fruit that means the berries have been stored too long.
Fresh berries should be stored covered in the refrigerator and washed just before using.  Use within 10 days of purchase.


Home Freezing Blueberries


The secret to successful freezing is to use berries that are unwashed and completely dry before popping them into the freezer.  Completely cover the blueberry containers with plastic wrap, store in an airtight, reseal able plastic bag, or arrange dry berries in a single layer on a cookie sheet.  When frozen, transfer berries to plastic bags or freezer containers. 


Frozen Blueberries

Dry-pack berries in poly bags or boxes can be found in the frozen food section of your supermarket.  The frozen berries should feel loose, not clumped together.

Frozen blueberries are individually quick frozen so you can pull out a few or as many as needed.  Blueberries should be kept frozen and the unused portion returned to the freezer promptly.  If not used immediately, cover and refrigerate thawed berries and use within three days. Commercially frozen berries are washed before being frozen, so washing again is not necessary.  If you make your own frozen blueberries (see How To Freeze Your Own Blueberries, below), wash just before using.

Blueberry Tips


Blueberries and the Color Blue!

Blueberries may change color when cooked.  Acids, such as lemon juice and vinegar, cause the blue pigment in the berries to turn reddish.
Blueberries also contain a yellow pigment which, in an alkaline environment, such as a batter with too much baking soda, may give a greenish-blue color.


Blue Batter?


To reduce the amount of color streaking, carefully fold blueberries (right from your freezer, if frozen) into your cake or muffin batter last.  For pancakes and waffles, add the blueberries as soon as the batter has been poured on the griddle or waffle iron.  This will make the pancakes prettier and they'll be easier to flip.  If frozen blueberries are used, cooking time may have to be increased to be sure the berries are heated through.


Classic Publications

bulletBlueberry Pies

- A color pamphlet with great easy blueberry pie recipes.   7346.21KB (7522515 bytes) Adobe pdf file. (if you cannot download, send a self-addressed US stamped envelope to: North American Blueberry Council, Blueberry Pies , PO Box PO Box 1036, Folsom, CA 95763 USA. USA only) . ( Download ).

bulletFeeling Good about the Blues

- This recipe book is a great resource for learning about the health and nutrition virtues of blueberries and provides some really tasty and nutritious recipes!   (download) 16326.19KB (16718015 bytes) Adobe PDF file.  (if you cannot download, send a self-addressed US stamped envelope to: North American Blueberry Council, Feeling Good about the Blues, PO Box PO Box 1036, Folsom, CA 95763 USA.  (USA only).  

bulletCultivate a Taste for the Blues

- A colorful 4 page brochure which discusses all aspects of blueberry production and use.  (download) 12399.49KB (12697074 bytes) Adobe PDF file.  (if you cannot download, send a self-addressed US stamped envelope to: North American Blueberry Council, Cultivate a taste for the Blues, PO Box PO Box 1036, Folsom, CA 95763 USA.  (USA only). 

bulletLet Blueberries Reign All Year Round

- An out of print NABC favorite that features more than 76 Pages of time-tested recipes and advice.  (download) 4161.35KB (4261218 bytes) Adobe PDF file.

bulletBlueberry Recipes Worth Celebrating

- This pamphlet features innovative blueberry recipes to make every month National Blueberry Month! (download) 5499.25KB (5631237 bytes) Adobe PDF file.  if you cannot download, send a self-addressed US stamped envelope to: North American Blueberry Council, Blueberry Recipes Worth Celebrating, PO Box PO Box 1036, Folsom, CA 95763 USA.  (USA only). 



Blueberry Recipes

In response to requests for  simple blueberry recipes, we have put together, Just the Basics Blueberry Recipes.   Use these as a starting point for creating your own favorites.  They are straight forward and contain easy-to-find ingredients.   


We harvest fresh blueberries from April to October in North America. Our friendly growers in the Southern Hemisphere supplement the rest of the year so you can find fresh blueberries for your recipes year round!


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