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Trade Leads
Blueberries are hot, at home and around the world.  Visit the Trade Leads page to get in contact with some new potential customers! (view)
USHBC Activity

USHBC is actively promoting blueberries at home and around the world.

Branding   Consumer   Foodservice   Food Processors   Export   Research    

Little Blue Dynamos!

USHBC has introduced a new  platform for use in market development and industry activities.


USHBC is spreading the word about the goodness of blueberries
in strategically placed advertisements in major food publications! 
Half Cup Ad. 
USHBC encourages readers to consumer half a cup of blueberries a day in a new advertising campaign.

Small and Powerful!

USHBC publishes a small but powerful ad in medical publications. 


Would you believe something so small, so delicious, could be so good for you?  USHBC placed an advertisement in the August 2002 issue of popular Bon Appetit magazine.  The ad encouraged consumers to learn more about the health and nutrition virtues of blueberries.  T

bon-ap.jpg (1148373 bytes)

bullet New Foodservice Brochure Developed.

Food Technology

(activity report)

Hotline: Toll Free hotline number continues to receive calls from bakers and industrial users.  We work on behalf of the entire blueberry industry to help promote product development, solve problems and create new demand! 


Web Site:  The USHBC web site is up and running and getting better each day.  More than 10,000 visitors are accessing the site each day!


Publicity: More than $100,000 in equivalent advertising space generated in trade magazines read by food processors.


Intl. Ads.  USHBC is promoting the use of blueberries in food products in the international food industry.   (view ads)  Targeted Publications include:  Pan Americano (Mexico, Central and South America; Bread and Cake, Scandinavia; International Food Ingredients, Europe; and Food and Wine, Singapore and two Chinese publications.  USHBC placed an ad and article in Food Marketing & Technology, a major European Food Technology publication! (view)

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Newsletters: Two issues of the Berry Latest Newsletter tout the benefits of highbush blueberries:  Issue 1 is on Blueberry Bars, Issue # 2 on Hispanic use of blueberries!  Check out the new design!  


Trade Shows: USHBC promoted highbush blueberries at trade shows in North America which are attended by decision makers in the food industry:  


Mexico Trade Shows. USHBC introduced introduced highbush blueberries to the Mexican baking industry at a successful show called EXPOPAN!  .  The results were muy bueno!!!  The Mexican public has heard about this wonderful fruit for years and now have the opportunity to try in bakery items. 


Alimentartia Mexico City Booth - Heavy traffic demonstrated high interest in blueberries by the Mexican trade.

Table Top Supplier Shows!

USHBC is in the field continually meting with food processors to spread the word.


bullet School Foodservice Processing - The USDA purchases loads of frozen and dried blueberries for school lunch and humanitarian feeding programs. USHBC Food Tech program works with approved "Commodity Processors" who prepare finished products for school use.  This includes muffins, smoothies, fruit cup and other items.  This ensures that the products are used and that makes the USDA happy and confident for future UDA commodity purchases.


US Military Activity - USHBC -Food Tech is promoting the use of blueberries and blueberry products in rations (MRE) and Feeding systems (Unitized Government Rations) UGRs. Dozens of blueberry containing items have been developed for Combat rations.  Some of the leading edge military food processing technologies will help launch mainstream products in the future.  




The USHBC now conducts export marketing activities around the world.  Current activities are underway in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea Hong Kong and the People's Republic of China.  

(activity report)

Japan     Taiwan     Korea     Hong Kong   China



Country Facts: 

bullet Land size, slightly larger than California
bullet Population: 127 million
Market Analysis:  In past six years Japan has become largest blueberry export market.  Population associates blueberries with eye health and general goodness.  Active market for fresh and processed blueberries. 

Strategy:  Keep stimulating the Japanese interest in blueberries!


Web site in Japanese language.  (visit)  Links Japanese consumers and food professionals with the very latest information on highbush blueberries.  Emphasis on health and nutrition and new products.  The site includes an exciting flash animation that gives assessors an instant tour of the blueberry industry!

wpe4.jpg (53763 bytes)

Advertorials in key trade magazines. Articles in trade magazines read by food professionals on the latest health benefits of blueberries.  These include fresh produce magazines, food trade and food processing magazines.

Health Magazines!

Ad encourages the Japanese consumer to eat blueberries today to ensure a healthy long life!

wpe8.jpg (31388 bytes)

Fresh Produce Industry Magazines:  We are publishing the advertorial approach in the main magazines read by produce professionals.  The emphasis is to get the buyers to appreciate the goodness of blueberries as well as the health benefits!  (Click the thumbnails to view the ads)



USHBC is making a splash in the food trade.  As a result of one on one press meetings held in May, we are receiving coverage on the positive benefits of blueberries!  Take a look at the Prepared Foods-Mintel Reports site online archive which has a story entitled, "Baseball and Blueberries."

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Taiwan, Republic of China.

Country Facts: (CIA Factbook)

bullet Land Size: Slightly smaller than Maryland and Delaware combined.
bullet Population:22.5 million

Market Analysis: Trend setting country of Asia.  Follows Japanese trends and leads the rest of Greater China.  

  Promote the health virtues of blueberries.


2007 Activities:

Web Site - USHBC has developed and maintains a Taiwan language web site!  http://www.blueberry.org/taiwan    The site is continually updated including news, new Taiwanese products and health news.  We also inform the consumers of new health information and where they can buy fresh blueberries and blueberry products.


Trade Servicing -   USHBC contracts with a skilled marketing professional in Taiwan to help develop the market for Fresh Blueberries.  This includes regular meetings with companies, attendance at trade functions and promotional activities.


  • Healh Article in Evergreen Magazine.  Authored by a Taiwanese health influential, Dr. Liu, this two page article outlines the important health benefits of blueberries.  This is the most popular magazine in all of Taiwan read by health conscious women.  (our target audience) 

Trade Ads USHBC is emphasizing the health and nutrition virtues of blueberries in the major Taiwanese Women's publications.  Take a look at our innovative ads which are causing quite a stir in this island nation!  See the whole series. (view)

Advertorials in Top Women's Magazine -

USHBC publishees a combination ad and editorials in the May 2003 issue of Evergreen Women, a top women's magazine.  The article covers the different health benefits of blueberries.  This is of extreme importance to Taiwanese at this moment during the current health crisis.  

Women's Health

Common Health!



Advertorials:  USHBC is publishing articles on the health virtues of blueberries in major women's magazines.  Click the thumbnail on right to view design.  >>>

wpe2.jpg (46738 bytes)

Results!   Fresh Blueberry Imports.

Due to USHBC/NABC promotions, Taiwan has begun steady imports of fresh blueberries and frozen !    USHBC actively works with store chains and importers to arrange promotions during the peak blueberry periods.    

Korea, The Republic of Korea (South Korea).

Country Facts: (CIA Factbook)



bullet Land Size: Slightly larger than Indiana
bullet Population: 48 million

Market Analysis:  South Korea was one of the first countries in the world to catch the blueberry heath craze back in the early 80s.  Unfortunately due to the difficulties in the Korean economy, the trend was short-lived and did not amount to significant commercial activity.  But, the consumer interest in blueberries continues!  Our mission is to re-introduce blueberries, survey the market and hopefully rekindle interest and commercial activity for the blueberry industry in the fresh produce and food processing area.

(Above: CJ Foods Korea, Blueberry Dessert)
1st Korean Blueberry Festival!

Congratulations to the Korean Blueberry Association on their first successful Blueberry Festival.  Check out the national television coverage!

Part 1. Korean Blueberry Festival


Part 2. Korean Blueberry Festival


Part 3. Korean Blueberry Festival


Happy Happy Happy Video!

Korea has gone blueberry happy!  Check out this series of videos aired on National Television and get happy, happy happy!

Part 1.

Part 2

Part 3. Skin Care


Part 4


Part 5


Part 6



Food & Hotel Korea  Trade Show, March 18-20, 2003 in Seoul.  (show details)  USHBC exhibited at the first trade only food fair in Seoul Korea in the USA Pavillion.  We met with some of the leading companies in Korea, many showing keen interest in blueberries.  (Right: booth traffic)

Market Recon

Korean language web support.  

Hong Kong, SAR (Special Administrative Region) 


Country Facts: (CIA Factbook)

bullet Land Size: Six times the size of Washington DC.  
bullet Population: 7.3 million

Market Analysis: Hong Kong, despite its small size is of tremendous importance to the blueberry industry.   The region is a trendsetter in style, music, and taste for all of greater China.  The port of Hong Kong is a major transhipment port for gods entering the mainland China.  The border with China is getting more and more blurred everyday as Hong Kong Companies invest heavily throughout China.  Hong Kong is the blueberry industry's first step into China and we will use every opportunity to work this market for fresh blueberries, make inroads into the regional food industry and take some exploratory steps into Guangdong province in conjunction with our Hong Kong activities.    

Strategy:  Promote the health virtues of blueberries to the public, work the hotel trade and introduce products to the regional food industry.   



Web Support

HOFEX Trade Show.  Postponed until Spring 04 in Hong Kong.  (show details

People's Republic of China

Country Facts: (CIA Factbook)

bullet Land Size: Slightly smaller than USA
bullet Population:  1.3 billion

Market Analysis:  Emerging upper and middle class populations in large cities of East China are demanding imported high quality fruits. Photo: Hyperstore, Shenyang, North China.  


Strategy:  Initial market entry and recon through visit and trade meetings.


Although we are not implementing activities this year for China, we are taking our first steps into the China market with participation at the HOFEX trade Show in Hong Kong Spring, 2004.  (show details)   

Global Food Industry July 2003 Pg 35.jpg (184516 bytes)

In 2002, two trade ads were placed and have been published in the July and September 2003 issues of China's Global Food Industry.  In addition an article, "Functional Properties of Highbush Blueberry," was written and published in the July 2003 issue.  


    Blueberry Video is featured on Duna TV.
bullet USHBC conducts research to ensure a bright future for the blueberry industry.  The scope of funded projects includes highbush blueberry research on the following:
bullet Health benefits
bullet Food safety
bullet New product development and product improvement
bullet Horticultural research.

Visit the USHBC Research Page.  


USHBC International

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Did you Know?
Blueberries are one of the few truly blue foods on earth?
Blueberries are one of the few fruits native to North America? (Can you name the others?) (New World Crops)
Blueberries are part of the Vacinnium Species of plants which have a relative that grows on the slopes of Hawaiian Volcanoes!
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USHBC is publishing information in food trade publications around the world to increase the demand for highbush blueberries!
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